My Trips:

Step by step, overcoming a short way of this embodiment meets to me on him, as beacons, as rocks among sea waves such creations, as pyramids and sphynxes in Egypt, the Cathedral in Cologne, temples of China and Tibet

    And each time invariable comes the deepest feeling of perception of these firm bases of the given civilization not as monuments of architecture, and I am dissolving in their history, I am reading those thin letters, that they contain in themselves, I am reading by all my essence their .

I  hear music, voices, I am going to the time, that was lived these beacons of mankind

  And always I was amazed by the great destination and that size of spirit of architects that have created and have left for us all this on the earth .

Below you can see map with indicated countries, where I was during my trips (except European countries)









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